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Sundez reduces the noise level of 15KW, 18KW, 21KW house heating heat pumps


Sundez reduces the noise level of 15KW, 18KW, 21KW house heating heat pumps which are the hot-selling products in European market. We achieve more strict noise control to improve our customer experience.

Good customer experience of a heat pump is not only includes higher efficiency, stable running, and strong operation at low ambient temperature, but also ,working with lower noise is an indispensable standard.

The design concept of China heat pumps is not totally the same as that of Europe. Here are the following reasons as below:

On one hand, because most of the china heat pumps are used in commercial field, heat pumps are generally installed on the roof or specific engine room, without strict standard on noise control. However, for central heating market including European market, focus on the family clients, the heat pumps are usually installed in the villa garden .Thus the noise from the heat pumps is now allowed to cause bad effect on the clients and their neighbors.

On the other hand, China manufacturers have trapped in fierce price competition. Most heat pump manufacturers use smaller heat exchangers and increase the fan speed to ensure the air volume to make sure the enough heat exchange in evaporator, this method can reduce the material cost. Then they can get the price competition advantage, or at least do not stay in disadvantage. But it will bring a bad result, the fan noise is very high because the fan speed is very fast, it will sacrifice the customer experience. 

Sundez has made improvement on the noise control on the three models : 15KW, 18KW, 21KW, mainly 2 aspects as follows:

Firstly, Sundez uses a new fan with longer diameter and lower rotate speed, greatly reduces fan speed and meanwhile ensures sufficient air volume. This fan speed is as low as 580RPM.

Secondly, the compressor has been covered with higher quality noise jacket. The material and the design of noise jacket play an important role of isolating noise. First of all, the material must be able to effectively absorb the high frequency noise of compressor vibration. The noise jacket adopts a fully bonded method as its sewing method, whose top side and side edge also adopt this method. This method can make sure the compressor to isolate the noise largely.

With this technical improvement, the noise test result is 57dB(A) in 1 meter which is being tested between two walls in the 45dB(A) ambient noise circumstance. This noise level fully complies with European standards!

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