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Hot Water Heat Pump

Air source heat pump water heater

Copeland ZW-KA compressor,high COP 4.0, Modular controller, heat curves. 
Air source heat pump water heater, for commercial hot water use.
Sundez commercial hot water heat pump offers commercial central hot water for apartments, school, factory, hotel, beauty salon etc.
1. Copeland ZW-KA scroll compressor for heat pump, can stand higher water temperature and lower ambient temperature, longer life.

2. Coaxial coil heat exchanger, outstanding anti-corrosion to fit all kinds of water quality.

3. Intelligent LCD controller with all functions for commercial use, including control for circulation pump, feeding pump, pipe water return pump, auxiliary heater, water level switch, flow switch, etc.

4. Can receive a signal or send out a signal to work with solar, boiler, electric heater and indoor thermostat.

5. with modular system control.

6. Max. Hot water output 60DegC.

7. All components are water-proof, suitable for all kinds of weather and installation on rooftop, ground, basement etc.

8. Strong cabinet and well-balanced fan to reduce vibration and noise.
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