High Temperature Heat Pump

High Water Temperature Heat Pump (65DegC)
Sundez high water temperature heat pump is especially designed for old houses with traditional radiator heating, with the highest water temperature can reaching 65~70DegC. It not only can effectively solve the problem of heating an old house, but also can use to make domestic hot water. You will not need to cost lots of money to renovate your house with high temperature heat pump.

1). Designed based on EN14511, using specific compressor and unique design to make water outlet temperature reach 65~70DegC without electric heater for traditional radiators, as well as anti-bacterium.
2). The enlarged double-row hydrophilic fin-tube evaporator, and the sub-cooler in the Optimized system, contributes to reliable operation at temperature down to -15DegC.
3). with 4-way-valve for automatic defrosting.
4). All kinds of careful protections including anti-freezing, high/low pressure, over-current, phase-order etc. to make sure safe operation.
5). Using R417A high temperature compressor technology.
6). with heating curves (temperature compensation function), the hot water set value automatically adjusts as the outdoor temperature changes. This function can maintain a constant indoor temperature to make up the heat-loss when the outdoor temperature changes, creating a more comfortable indoor environment.
7). with anti-freeze protection to run the circulation pump termly when the heat pump is standby, to make sure the water pipes won't freeze at low temperature.
8). with timer function to fit user's need.
9). Can work with indoor thermostat / master controller / solar controller for house heating.
10). LED controller panel with touch key, big and clear display, simple operation menu.

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