Heating+Hot Water Monobloc Heat Pump


SUNDEZ air to water heat pumps are designed for house heating and hot water, drawing freely available heat from the ambient air, even at outside temperature as low as -15DegC. Thanks to the enlarged heat exchangers and the optimized system, it is the energy efficient and low-noise solution for heating and hot water all year round.

1.Heating mode and hot water mode.
2.Range of 8 models with nominal heating capacity from 9.5kW to 34.8kW.
3.nstalled outdoors, taking up minimum inside space.
4.Enlarged evaporator and condenser size to extract more heat from the outdoor air at lower ambient temperature.
5.Operational temperature ranges from -15DegC to 45DegC.
6.Heating water flow temperatures up to 55DegC.
7.Galvanized steel housing with powder coating.
8.Thick metal sheet for housing, low noise fan, and compressor noise cover to reduce running vibration and noise.
9.Copeland scroll compressors for 12.3kW models and above.
10.Crank case heater for compressor.
11.Automatic defrost by driving 4-way-valve.
12.Supplied with controller panel, heating tank sensor, and hot water tank sensor.

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