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Heating+Hot Water

Sundez Ground Source Heat Pump: Heating + Hot Water

This is a ground source heat pump for domestic houses in cold area, providing a comprehensive Eco-energy solution including central heating and daily hot water in winter, and supplying daily hot water alone all year round.This comprehensive ground source heat pump does not need other heating facilities, and largely enhances the heating resources utilization all year round.

1). 2 operation modes: Central heating+ hot water, or hot water alone. With water temperature setting for central heating and hot water respectively.
2). Hot water is priority over central heating. It would switch to central heating after sanitary hot water is satisfied. It avoids deficient central heating.
3). With timer function for hot water, which can be set differently 7 days per week. When the timer function is enabled, It would switch to hot water during hot water
timer-on, and would switch to central heating after hot water is satisfied. 4 timer sections for hot water per day.
4). Hot water mode available all year round when central heating is not needed.
5). Anti-bacteria function by driving electric heater in hot water tank, heating hot water up to 65DegC once per week.
6). Heating mode can be enabled or disabled by master controller or indoor thermostat.
7). Strict noise control.
- Floating and soft support for compressor to reduce vibration at the most extent.
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