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Sundez Ground Source Heat Pump--Heating/Cooling

Sundez ground source heat pump heating/cooling type, is the ideal solution for house, and commercial heating/cooling projects. Thanks to the COPELAND R410A compressor system with highly efficient plate type heat exchangers, the COP for heating is up to 5.3.

1). COPELAND scroll compressor with R410a system for higher performance in cold area.
2). For central heating or cooling, or domestic/commercial hot water.
3). High quality components: Copeland R410a scroll compressor, enlarged brazed type plate heat exchangers, Emerson ALCO thermal expansion valve, famous brand electric parts, WILO circulating pump, water flow switch, expansion tank etc.
4). LCD controller.
5). Timer function for every day of the week.
6). Can be boosted/standby by master controller, room thermostat or solar controller.
7). Strict noise control.
- Floating and completely soft support for compressor to reduce vibration at the most extent.
- Anti-vibration measures for circulation pumps.
- Sandwich noise insulation inside the cabinet and noise jacket for compressor to reduce noise mostly.
8). The cabinet is made in galvanized steel with powder coating.

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