Heating/Cooling+Hot Water

Sundez Multi-functional Air to Water Heat Pump
Sundez WR Series Multi-functional air to water heat pumps offer comprehensive Eco-energy soluton for houses. It is a solution suitable for area where needs heating and hot water in winter, while cooling and hot water in summer, such as South Europe. The "hot water alone" function spreads the heat pump utility to the whole year.


1). 3 operation modes: central cooling+hot water, central heating + hot water, or hot water alone. With water temperature setting for central heating/cooling and hot water respectively.
 2). In winter, heating and hot water are available (not at the same time, avoiding deficient central heating), with timer function (4 time sections per day) for hot water, with temperature setting for the both circuits respectively. Hot water available alone after central heating is satisfied.
3). In summer, cooling and hot water are available at the same time. It switches to hot water mode automatically after cooling is satisfied.
4). It would switch to hot water mode in spring and autumn, when heating/cooling is not necessary.
5). Super big evaporator to achieve high efficiency no matter when heating or cooling.
6). Strict noise control. Strong cabinet and low noise fan to reduce vibration, Sandwich noise insulation inside the cabinet and noise jacket for compressor to reduce noise at the most extent.

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