Air-Water Chiller Heat Pump for Heating/Cooling
Sundez air source heat pump with R410A system provides central heating/cooling (house heating/cooling, house warming/cooling) solution for residential and commercial application, especially in cold area.
The evaporator is designed for extracting more heat from the air, with dimension 30% bigger than normal, with higher performance at lower ambient temperature. The whole R410A system is optimized to work safely at -15 degrees Celsius. The average COP in winter is up to 4.0. When the unit is cooling in summer, the fin-tube air exchanger acts as condenser, with dimension 30% bigger than normal, contributes a lot to the outstanding cooling capacity and EER.
The heat pump is in compact design, taking little installation space, with quiet operation, for new and refurbished house and building. 
1. Intelligent wire controller to install indoor, good protection from sunshine, rain, with long life.
2. Optimized R410A system with Hi-COP compressor, for stable performance at cold ambient.
3. Brazed stainless steel SUS316#plate heat exchanger at water side.
4. Optimized for low noise, using low noise axial fans and strong fan holders. The cabinet design isolates the compressor noise from coming outside.
5. Air exchanger is fin-tube with hydrophilic coating.
6. The thermostatic expansion valve is no-welding type, with stable function and long life.
7. Automatic defrosting function included.
8. With heating cable for compressor.
9. With heating cable for de-icing on bottom plate.
10. Can work between -15DegC and 43DegC.
11. With anti-snow feet as optional.

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