Heating/Cooling+Hot Water

Ground Source Heat Pump--Heating/Cooling + Hot Water

This is the Sundez WR series ground source heat pump, the comprehensive solution which provides heating and hot water in winter, cooling and hot water in summer, and hot water alone in spring and autumn, enhancing the heat pump application to the whole year.
Sundez ground source heat pump has a wide range of from 3KW to 60KW. Can meet your need of domestic use or commercial use.The heat recovery design makes it more efficient and energy-saving.

1). 3 operation modes: Central heating / hot water, central cooling / hot water, or hot water alone. With water temperature setting for central heating and hot water respectively.
2). In winter, heating and hot water are available (not at the same time, avoiding deficient central heating), with temperature setting for the both circuits respectively. Hot water available alone after central heating is satisfied.
3). In summer, cooling and hot water available at the same time. It switches to hot water mode automatically after cooling is satisfied. 
4). Hot water alone in spring and autumn, when heating/cooling is not necessary.
5). Timer function(4 setctions on/off) everyday for heating/cooling, and especially timer function for hot water mode everyday.
6). Strict noise control. Floating support for compressor to reduce vibration at the most extent. Anti-vibration measures for circulation pumps. Sandwich noise insulation inside the cabinet for compressor to reduce noise mostly.
7). All heat exchangers are brazed type stainless steel SUS316# plate heat exchangers.
8). Built-in WILO circulation pump for heating side and hot water side.
9). Built-in water switches.
10). Built-in expansion vessel for heating side.
11). The cabinet is made in thick galvanized steel with powder coating.

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