Domestic Monobloc Hot Water Heat Pump

Domestic Monobloc Hot Water Heat Pump
Sundez domestic monobloc hot water heat pump, is the perfect back-up heat pump solution for solar, suitable for domestic heating and hot water application. 

1. Built-in circulation pump.

2. Works as a back-up heat pump for solar. Can be controlled by solar to start/standby.

3. Horizontally lay the coaxial coil condenser to make sure stable water flow.

4. Extremely low water pressure drop in condenser.

5. Max. Hot water outlet temperature reaches 60DegC.

6. Compact casing, takes up extremely little space, easy for installation.

7. Quick-mind wire controller with simple user operation.

8. Multiple and careful protection to make sure safe and long operation.

9. Timer function.

10. With auxiliary heater control output.

11. With metal sheet in middle of the casing inside to isolate compressor noise. The whole unit adopts low noise design.

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