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EVI Heat Pump

Sundez EVI Low Ambient Temperature Heat Pump
Sundez EVI low ambient temperature heat pump is designed for house warming as well as sanitary hot water in cold area, including North Europe and East Europe. This is one of the best air source heat pumps for cold area currently, with reliable operation at -25DegC ambient temperature, and the COP at -15DegC ambient temperature is up to 2.5.

1. Designed for central heating for houses in cold area including North Europe and East Europe.
2. Can work stably at -25DegC ambient temperature, and the COP at -15DegC ambient is up to 2.5.
3. Using electronic expansion valve, achieving accurate, stable and high efficiency throttling.
4. Split design, no water system outside, no freezing and damage to water system.
5. The outdoor unit is designed for anti-snow with horizontal fan cabinet.
6. Low noise design for the outdoor unit. 
* The compressor is on a floating plate to reduce vibration at the most extent. 
* Noise insulation inside the cabinet. 
* The fan runs at low speed down to 620rpm with extremely low noise.
7. With fast plug between indoor unit and outdoor unit, for power and communication to indoor unit.
8. With air vent on top of indoor unit to discharge inside air from water system when installation.
9. Circulation pump, stainless steel SUS316# plate heat exchanger, flow switch, and expansion vessel are included in indoor unit.
10. Both of the outdoor unit and indoor unit cabinets are made in galvanized steel with powder coating.

Cooling function in summer.

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