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DC Inverter Heat Pump

Air to Water Split DC Inverter Heat Pump (heating/cooling/DHW modes)
Sundez DC inverter heat pump is one of the best heat pumps for house heating so far, with advanced DC inverter technology, saving 40% electricity than normal on/off heat pump in practical operation. The whole system is optimized with variable fan speed, while the temperature compensation function contributes to a more comfortable indoor environment. It can work with solar, boiler or electric heater according to practical condition of the heating system.

* with Advanced DC inverter technology, it saves 40% energy than normal heat pump in practical operation.
* 5 modes to manage heating, cooling and DHW, fit your need all year round.
* With intelligent Heating curves (temperature compensation function), the water setting temperature adjusts automatically as the house's heat loss changes.
* Automatically variable fan speed in 3 grades to optimize heating efficiency.
* Can work with room thermostat / master controller / solar controller.
* Can work with auxiliary heater.
* Split design with water system indoor, preventing water frozen problem.
* Aviation plug for wire connection between indoor unit and outdoor unit, simplifies installation and avoids mistakes.
* In indoor unit contains brazed plate heat exchanger, WILO circulation pump, expansion vessel, flow switch, water pressure gauge, air vent.
* Allows absence of buffer tank for heating/cooling.

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