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Building Regulations-Part L compliance


Part L Compliance

On the 1st March 2014, the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 were introduced, this has altered the process of building and certifying a residential new-build in Ireland.

As a result, ensuring compliance with Part L “Conservation of Fuel and Energy” of the Building Regulations for new residential buildings is now an essential part of the design and planning process for builders/developers, architects and assigned certifiers.

AE Solutions provide guidance for architects, engineers, builders, assigned certifiers and homeowners on the requirements needed to achieve Part L compliance and ensure the best Building Energy Rating (BER) possible.

This includes:

  • Part L Compliance Report

  • Provisional BER

  • U Value Calculations for building elements

  • Air tightness requirements.

  • Thermal bridging and ACDs (Approved Construction Details)

  • Heating system options (Heat Pumps, Solar thermal, PV systems wood burning stoves).

To achieve Part L Compliance, new builds must achieve the following performance criteria:

  • Conformity with maximum average U-Value requirements of building elements ie. walls, roof, floor, doors and windows.

  • Maximum Permitted Energy Performance Coefficient (MPEPC) <= 0.40

  • Maximum Permitted Carbon Performance Coefficient (MPCPC) <= 0.46

  • Air Permeability test ac/h <= 0.35

  • Part L renewable technologies contribution = 10kwh/m2/yr (eg. Heat pump, wood burning stove, solar thermal and solar PV)

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