Air To Water Heat Pump

Air Source Heating Pump for house heating or commercial hot water use. CE approval.
Equipped with high quality rotary compressor, this heat pump has outstanding performance and stable operation at low ambient temperature.
The tube-in-shell heat exchanger as condenser is with good anti-corrosion feature.
Main Features:
1. Equipped with high quality rotary compressor.

2. LED indoor control panel with touching key.

3. Heating curve (Temperature compensation function) to adjust water temperature as per outdoor temperature.

4. Can work with indoor thermostat.

5. With auxiliary heater control output.

6. Can control circulation pump with anti-frozen function.

7. With full protection functions including water flow, high/low pressure, phase order, over-current etc.

8. Auto-defrosting, reversible thermostatic expansion valve.

9. Galvanized steel cabinet with powder painting in grey or black, strong and durable.

10. We offer OEM service.

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