•  Split air to water EVI heat pump SDAW-075BEVI
  • DC inverter  heat pump SDDC-075-B
  • Air to water heat pump SDRS-100-B
  • air to water EVI heat pump split SDAW-125BSEVI
  • air to water EVI heat pump split SDAW-125BSEVI
  • Ground source heat pump SDBW-60
  • DC inverter heat pump SDDC-125-B
  • Ground source heat pump SDBW-90

Who we are?

1). We were established in 2007.

2).We are a professional heat pump manufacturer,with two production bases. One is Zhongshan Base, the other is Chuzhou Base.

3). We are trading on two brands: YANGZI and Sundez. YANGZI heat pump is the brand we operate in China local market, while Sundez is the brand we operate not only in China but also all over the world.

4). Our company has been inspected and certificated by TUV and SGS.

5). We are the one of the first manufacturers whose heat pumps are with top COP gaining grants from Chinese government.

6). We pass ISO9001 quality management system.

7).Now we are running 2 bases, 3 factories, 2 heat pump laboratories, 6 production lines for heat pumps and 2 workshops for water tanks. We have more than 400 employees.

8). Our testing laboratory can test heat pump up to 60KW heating capacity and create testing air temperature condition during -25DegC~45DegC,according to EN14511 standard.

9). Our leading products: EVI heat pumps, DC inverter heat pumps, high water temperature heat pumps, monobloc house heating heat pumps, domestic hot water heat pumps.

Welcome to Green Energy Asia 2016 for Sundez
We hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth at the Kuala Lumpur International Exhibition Center from May 23-25th 2016 as the Green Energy Asia Fair’s coming.

The Importance of Using a Buffer Tank
The main function of a buffer tank is to reserve enough heat for heating system to make the room temperature more stable and the room environment more comfortable. But in actual installation cases, the user in order to save costs, usually abandon the buffer tank which not only sacrifice the comfort indoor heating environment, but also cause adverse effect to heat pump. 

The Importance of Sufficient Actual Circulating Water Flow 
When heat pumps collect and ascent heat for house heating and domestic hot water, Most of them are using water as the circulating and heat transfer medium. Thus, water deliver the heat from heat pump to the using side.

DC inverter heat pump and EVI heat pump, which one is your choice?

DC inverter heat pump and EVI low ambient temperature heat pump are star products and high-tech heat pump of Sundez. Many users will feel hesitated when they are choosing, which one is the better one ?

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